SPONTANEOUS has been optioned by Awesomeness Films!

Now...before you run out to buy your tickets, this merely means it might someday, possibly, be made into a movie. But it's got a great team of talented folks behind it at Awesomeness Films, which is a new venture dedicated to producing films for young audiences, including some adaptations of Lauren Oliver's novels. It's safe to say I'm humbled and thrilled and crossing my fingers.

Here's the announcement from Deadline.com:

Awesomeness Films just picked up the feature rights to the YA novel Spontaneous written by Aaron Starmer which hits the street on August 30. The story follows a girl during her senior year at Covington High in suburban New Jersey where everything is going as normally as could be expected, until the day a fellow senior explodes during third period pre-calc. Soon other classmates meet similar fates, forcing Mara and her friends to figure out a way to survive normal high school problems, with the added stress of potentially combusting at any moment.
Brian Duffield (who will adapt the novel) and Nicki Cortese will produce for Awesomeness Films under their company Jurassic Party’s first look deal. Duffield most recently wrote and executive produced The Babysitter directed by McG. Brian Robbins and Matt Kaplan will produce from the Awesomeness side. The property was brought to Awesomeness through film executive Max Siemers.

I can't wait to see what sort of beautifully bonkers  script Brian comes up with and I can't wait to work with Nicki, Brian and Matt. Hopefully this is the first of many updates about the project. Stay tuned!