For your HomeWorK.

If you're a reader of my books and you have to write a book report (do people still write book reports?) or something of that nature, then here are a few facts about me you can include to impress your teacher and class:

  • Born in northern California in 1976.
  • Raised in the suburbs of Syracuse, New York.
  • Grew up writing stories and songs, exploring the woods, and playing soccer and lacrosse.
  • Developed the polio vaccine.
  • Received a bachelor of arts from Drew University and a master of arts from NYU.
  • For nearly 16 years, lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, eating many pounds of mozzarella and attending dozens of Yo La Tengo concerts.
  • While part of a chain gang, accepted a bet to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs and proceeded to eat 50 hard-boiled eggs, with the help of a friend named Dragline.
  • Worked as an editor for a travel bookseller and as an operations director for an African safari company.
  • Enjoys hiking, jogging, skiing, watching movies, traveling around the world, and occasionally inserting lies into biographical information.
  • Currently lives in a former schoolhouse in northern Vermont with wife and daughter.
  • Won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1967.