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Regarding School Visits: If you're a teacher, librarian or administrator who's interested in setting up a school visit, you can email me directly. I offer presentations and programs for a variety of budgets, especially if you're local (i.e. Vermont) and you work with independent booksellers. Any doubts? Librarian Rachael Ricker of the Horace Mann School in New York was kind enough to offer the following endorsement:

"I want to highly recommend Aaron Starmer for an author visit. We recently hosted him for what must have been an exhausting day-long visit with 6th-8th graders. His book, The Riverman, won our Mock Newbery Award this year and was our top circulating book of the year so he already has a lot of fans here. He met with several English classes throughout the day (combined 6th, 7th, 8th) and gave a great presentation about storytelling and memories. It was the type of presentation that didn't depend on kids having read the book. He had kids on the edge of their seats but he was also very funny too. I think the most impressive thing was that it was a huge hit with both 6th and 8th graders which is a hard gap to fill and I could see high school students enjoying it as well. He also met with our book club informally during lunch periods including our Mock Newbery and read to them from his 3rd book so the kids were beyond thrilled. They also got to ask lots of technical questions about the world of Aquavania. Many of the kids who hadn't had a chance to read his book before his visit are reading it now and coming in to borrow the sequel. I'll post a link below with photos but definitely consider contacting him if you're thinking about author visits for next year. I know he also does visits via Skype as well."